By Joshua Neal

A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU.  This is the season where we begin to make new promises to ourselves and get serious about our lives.  At the top of that list is health and fitness. Whether it’s starting a new diet or workout regiment, many simply just want to make some type of change and renew themselves for a new year.

2018 – an all new year with new opportunities and changes that have the potential to make a difference in your life – especially if you choose to use them constructively. 2018 is full of positive power and gives you ample opportunity to convert your life happenings into immediate rewards. Here are some strategies that will help to build a new you in the new year.

Resolutions of Positivity

Be Visible
The most important thing the LGBT community can do is to be present and vocal. We must live without FEAR, and we must continue to speak up for our rights.  Harvey Milk said it best: “There is no downside to being visible.”

Build A Positive Cummunity
Support every part of the LGBTQ community whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Hate or segregation has no place in our community. Talk to one another and stick together. This makes us stronger together. The more we support each other, the more we can continue to demand our equal rights. Please remember no matter who you are, there is nothing wrong with you.

Send More Love Out Into The World
Respect all other communities that are not specifically LGBTQ – this is not about us only. Don’t just focus on the needs of the LGBT community.  We owe it to ourselves to look at all the inequalities around the world and do something about them. It’s easy to support the LGBT, but if we expect for others to care and support us, we must treat everyone with respect.

Resolutions of Health and Fitness

Improve your physical health with these simple but life-changing solutions.

  • Take the stairs and avoid elevators
  • Drink more waiter
  • Pick up a hobby (dance/sport)
  • Join a gym
  • Tell someone about our fitness goals so that they can hold you accountable

Improve your mental health with these 5 strategies

  • Meditate/ Take a yoga class
  • Eat a healthy meal without any distractions (no TV, phone, music, etc.)
  • Make less excuses/Stop complaining
  • Compliment yourself more
  • Get over at least one fear or get help to face it

Resolutions for a Focused 2018
With so many resolutions out there it’s important that we shift some of our focus and energy for 2018 on ourselves.  Here are a few key resolutions that can help transform mental health and fitness into a positive and powerful year.

  • Simply smile more
  • Walk with confidence
  • Make eye contact
  • Be kind for no reason
  • Change your environment
  • Leave the PAST in the PAST, and learn to let it go. Let go of the anger, the hate, past hurt and pain and begin to create that space for things that truly serve you. We can’t dwell on the past. 

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About Getting Help
Mental health is a subject that is often swept under the rug so it can be difficult to acknowledge your mental health and get the necessary help. I am completely guilty of suppressing a lot of issues until about five years ago when I decided to start getting the help I needed. I have suffered from almost all of it and still have to take every day of my life step by step and breath by breath. However, between my yoga practice, faith, going to church, and my counseling sessions, I can honestly said that I am at my highest level in my life. So, accept yourself for who you are and get the help you need. If you need more info, call 800-273-TALK or visit

Joshua Neal’s is writer, blogger and model whose career in fitness and health spans nearly 20 years. He’s a certified GF instructor and personal trainer, and he manages a Lifetime Fitness studio where he also instructs cycling, yoga, pilates and kickboxing. Find him on Facebok under Joshuah Neal and follow him on Instagram @joshuahdneal.