DEVEN GREEN is an award-winning comedic chanteuse. You know her from the “Welcome To My Home” and “Welcome To My White House” parodies, headlining her live music show and offering a firm, guiding grip on direction.


 Remember that life has three modes: driver, passenger, and onlooker. Which one are you? There is no wrong answer because your response simply reveals where you are at today. Try all three positions at some point.
I offer you a spotlight of inspiration for a happy and thoughtful 2019!



Focus on yourself.  Get it together.  If you think it’s time for a shift, it is. Remodel your attitude before someone else asks you to.

I know you can make this important calibration.



Focus on fun. Go play.  Make new friends, even if only for one night. Indulge a secret whim or desire. Get that witty, amusing sharpness back.



Focus on family.  Make a call, write a letter, drop a line, video chat.

Do it for yourself, do it for them, break the holding pattern. It’s time. They have known you the longest, they activate you the quickest. Give them the grace to be annoying.



Focus on shedding. Pounds, friends, egos, and emotional weight.

It will be the second most important exfoliation you will perform other than your visage.



Focus on abilities.  Upgrade your skill set or learn a brand new talent. Perfect your craft.  Elevate your expertise.  Find a mentor.

You are the person who attempted it because you created the time.



Focus on others.  Be kinder, nicer and gentler.  Share more, talk less.

One philanthropic endeavor leads to another.



Focus on animals.  Pet, adopt, foster or donate to little furry friends.  Learn about animals around the world.  Collar, leash or heel from a place of love.



Focus on intelligence.  There are so many online classes, courses and educational opportunities. Start reading tonight.

Read to someone you care about. Read about someone you care about.



Focus on romance.  Expand your social circle. Hold hands, kiss, gaze in admiration. Commit to love of your past, present and future.

You are lovable. You are loved. I love you.



Focus on food. Try new flavors. Share a meal. Serve others.

Eat more greens; you’ll never go back.



Focus on society.  Be a good neighbor, vote, show up for jury duty, be a solid citizen. How can you help to make your piece of the world just a little bit better for everyone else? I know you will have this answer.


Focus on forgiveness starting with yourself.  Let go of anger. Apologize earnestly.  You are so kind to everyone else,

it’s time for you to be kind to yourself.



Dear Friends: Thank you to you the readers and especially Goliath for having me share this page with you.  Let’s make 2019 better in all respects.

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