By Deven Green
Photos by Reed Davis 

Reed Davis, you have been orchestrating the visual images of our lives in some of the most influential magazines: Wayfair, Better Homes and Gardens, Pottery Barn, Country Home, Martha Stewart, and, of course, Goliath Magazine, to name a few. How do you give energy to an object as opposed to the glorious humans you shoot?

Well, people and objects are reflections of their environment and surroundings so, I try to create a safe, comfortable, and expressive place for both.

You are always such a joy on set, Reed. Where have you traveled to that gave you joy?

New ideas, experiences, and environments help to grow the creative consciousness, and I’m always looking forward to new experiences that I can surround myself with. I have thoroughly enjoyed traveling through the countries I’ve been in like Africa and the Middle East… they also give you a new and interesting perspective on home.

Your images at tell a rich textile story. What do you find so compelling about fabrics?

I notice my eye is generally attracted to graphic- expressive-color, contrast, and patterns, and, in those high-frequency vibrations, my attention and ideas keep flowing.

You donated some powerful images to “Art In The Time Of” to raise money for emergency relief in Kenya. How did you get involved?

I was hired to do a project for Fashion Revolution Kenya. I traveled to Kenya, meeting and documenting sustainable textile production and innovative new work ideas for the Kenyan economy. Some of the amazing vendors I met I’ve gotten some merchandise from to help stimulate their business in Kenya and share their handiwork.  

You are quite intimate (image-wise) with Broadway talent in New York. Would you share some fun photoshoot moments with us?

So many amazing experiences! I remember I was racing backstage to do photographs with Patty LaBelle in her appearance in “Fela” and also getting to work with the team from “Eclipsed” on Broadway. Two incredibly inspiring stories about the African continent. Recently, I just had a wonderful time filming the amazing Tamara Tunie for a fundraiser to get people registered and out to vote.

Did your visual aesthetic change after you came out?

I don’t think it did, but photography and art are such a malleable process; I’m always amazed learning the perspectives I bring from the ideas and experiences I have gone through in my life. It’s a constantly evolving learning situation.

You have a special kinship with people. What is in you that makes everyone else feel safe?

I have a pocket full of cookies! I think you have to come to any situation as honest, open, and neutral as possible and recognize that we’re human beings just doing what we do and trying our best.

You are an international superstar and sweetheart Reed! Where can we follow you or buy your prints?

Go to to enjoy beautiful photography prints for sale along with limited items collected from my travels.