By Stefano Patton

In October 2015 BLUE Men’s Clinic, a division of BLUE MedClinic, opened its doors in Midtown. With its innovative programs the men’s clinic is dedicated to improving the quality of sex life for Atlanta men but also offers “the best in medical aesthetics to help you look and feel younger from the inside out,” with an abundance of wellness offerings, said John Stupka, CEO of Blue MedClinic.

If you’ve driven through the gayborhood at all in the past year, Blue might seem familiar. There was once a BlueSpa on Tenth Street, but the familiarity halts there. Blue MedClinic differs from its predecessor by helping each patient create his own “personal blueprint” that will guide him to the best treatment options to look his [or her] best [and operate his or her best] at any age.

We can help younger patients in their twenties and thirties with preventative options to reduce the onset of age with Botox, lasers, peels, and other nonsurgical services,” said Stupka. For patients in their 40s, 50s and beyond there are more advanced treatments for both aesthetics and sexual function offered through the BLUE Men’s Clinic.”

One specialty for Blue MedClinic is treatment for erectile dysfunction. There are lots of myths out there. According to one myth is that ED is just a normal part of growing older and men just have to learn to live with it. Another myth is that ED doesn’t hit younger men because it’s only a problem for older guys. BLUE Men’s Clinic recognizes these myths are prevalent, and with the help of a board certified urologist, who has been treating issues like ED and PE (premature ejaculation) for over 20 years, BLUE is enhancing the sex life of men of all ages.

BLUE helps rejuvenate its many diverse patients, but the business itself has also had a facelift. Stupka admits that the recession was a difficult time for what was BlueSpa.

The real estate market actually impacted our business more than anything as well as me personally with the location we started in,” said Stupka.

Ending BlueSpa and revamping the business as BlueMed Center was a strategic and conscious decision. Stupka is grateful for the “many supporters in Midtown and in the Atlanta community who have continued to support BLUE through its evolution.”

Stupka decided not to simply re-launch the spa, because “the community [had] perceived us as just a spa and didn’t realize all the more medical and surgical type offerings we have.”

What some naively may deem as vanity procedures (invasive and non-invasive) BLUE is on the cutting edge by realizing that beauty, sexual wellness, and health are all intertwined.

As the population ages and people live longer, many of us feel great on the inside, but what we feel like doesn’t match what we see in the mirror,” said Stupka. “The BLUE brand is very focused on preventative treatments that you can do to restore confidence and self-esteem.”