Gay ways for guy groups to find a fun excursion, bar night pre-gaming, or just to shake up your social calendar.

By James Parker Sheffield

Love the Atlanta gay bar scene, but need to add something extra to complete your weekend agenda? Look no further. From arts and movies to a little friendly competition, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite excursions to liven things up a bit.

Cultural Experience

Tick all the important boxes – fun, culture and the ability to seem like the classiest versions of yourselves. Stretched out over a beautiful Midtown campus, the iconic Woodruff Arts Center is home to multiple offerings.

High Museum of Art features permanent installations and traveling collections representing a variety of mediums and genres. It typically closes at 5 p.m., but Fridays are open late for themed programming like Friday Jazz every third week of the month.

Across the lawn, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra rotates shows throughout the year, and the upcoming holiday season features some their very best. ASO also hosts a quarterly LGBT Night performance. Pair a show with dinner at one of scores of other restaurants within a stone’s throw of the concert hall.

Indy Movie Night

Tis the season for Oscar releases, and to wow your friends with your winning picks, remove “I’ve never heard of that” from your cinema vocabulary at one of Atlanta’s three great art houses.

Nestled in Midtown Promenade, Midtown Art Cinema offers independent flicks as well as blockbusters. They also support community events like Out On Film, plus we love their friendly staff and the bounty of post-show dinner and drink options surrounding the place.

Up the street, Plaza Theatre shows off its quirky personality with new features and throwbacks. Best known for their Rocky Horror presentations, it’s a laid back – dare we say hipster? – environment that’s welcoming to all comers.

Over on Cheshire Bridge, Regal Tara Theater remains a constant fixture even as the urban landscape around it changes. If you’re looking for the breakout film that isn’t being screened at mainstream theaters, this location is definitely for you.

Get Competitive

Looking to challenge your crew with something more interactive? We’ve got you covered. Top Golf has taken Atlanta by storm, and we can’t get enough. With full bar and dinner service, making a night of fun and games is a no-brainer.

The concept is simple: challenge your friends to point-driven golf games for a low hourly rate, all while kicking back your favorite cocktails in a climate controlled environment. It’s basically the sporting outlet we’ve longed for without knowing we were longing for it.

If you’re gay in Atlanta, you’ve probably done Midtown Bowl. If not, we demand an immediate course correction. This isn’t your grandpa’s bowling alley, guys. From drag queens to gay birthday parties, we’ve seen it all at this place. With their late night hours, you and your boys can even hit the lanes after you’ve finished at the bars.