By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a simple but customized skincare regimen that was affordable and was refilled via scheduled shipments? That’s exactly what Dave Skaff, one of the founders of skincare regimen Geologie, is doing with their highly effective regimen that covers all your skin’s needs inspired by the simplicity and efficacy of Korean skincare routines.

Tell us about the background for Geologie skincare.
Oh boy. My co-founder developed the idea after buying great skincare products in Korea and sharing them with his friends. Everyone was into it, but nobody knew what to buy or where to buy it. So the idea was born: we wanted to make it dead simple to get the perfect regimen.

What is the process of getting your perfect and personalized skin regimen?
It’s incredibly simple. First, take the 30-second quiz on our site and we customize the right regimen for you. The questions are fast and easy and you don’t need to know anything about skincare.

Then we ship you a complete skincare regimen: a daily moisturizer, a night cream, an eye cream and two bottles of face wash–one for the sink and another for the shower. Stop reaching back and forth, gents!

But it’s not just about the product. We support every regimen with a very hands-on approach to customer service: if you’re not happy, we’re not happy and we work hard to find the perfect fit for every guy.

How do you ensure that the products are right for you without testing them?
Great question. Honesty is paramount for us, so I guess the real answer is that you do have to try them. That’s just a fact about skincare. You have to try it and you have to give any regimen three weeks at minimum for your skin to acclimate and react. A few dabs at a beauty counter won’t cut it.

We formulate only with clinically-proven active ingredients at effective concentrations for skin health. That’s been our platform since day one. It’s real skincare, not lotion, and the complete regimen is personalized for your needs and your face. We take the products and the service very seriously, but that’s about it. The rest of the time we’re trying to make premium skincare fun and accessible. Because it IS fun! And it really feels good too.

Explain a little bit about the philosophy of Geologie – how is it suited for both newbies and expert users?
Well, if you already know what hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and retinol do then you’ll immediately recognize the incredible value we provide. And if that’s all Greek to you, don’t worry about it: it’s the good stuff, it works, and we’ll make it incredibly easy for you to experience their benefits. You don’t have to know anything about combustion to enjoy driving a Mercedes, right?

Right now, Geologie is only online and sold as a subscription regimen – what are some of the initiatives you plan to do in the future?
Yep, we just launched in B8ta stores around the country, so that’s really exciting for us, and we’re exploring some other partnerships that will let us share what we’re doing more widely. But the direct connnetion to the customer during their entire lifetime with us is incredibly important. Skin needs can change from year to year and season to season, so being able to get every one of guys going with the right regimen and then evolve with them is our main goal.

What are your hopes and dreams for Geologie?
We want to be the very best skincare brand, period. To us, “best” means best products, best value, best buying experience, and best service. We will not be beaten on any of those counts.Guys who know great skincare are already coming to us and loving us, but we want to open up the conversation among all guys about skincare so that every man understands the benefits and wants to get in on it. In a few years, not having a skincare regimen should be as absurd as not brushing your teeth. Skincare takes less time and feels better!

Anything you’d like to add?
Sure! Our team loves what we do and that love makes its way into our products and our customer experience every day. We’re really flattered by the attention we’ve been getting, but we’re the most proud of our customer reviews. I hope the Goliath guys will check them out and give us a go! We’ll take care of you! Start with 30% off your first order with code: GOLIATH30!