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By Mikkel Hyldebrandt, Photo: PR


Some people spend months preparing while others go for a last-minute solution. To help you deal with the stress of picking out a costume for Halloween, we thought it would be helpful first to determine what personality you are when it comes to picking out a costume. Then comes the task of choosing a costume, creating it from scratch or throwing something on last minute.



All Out

No expense spared, months of preparation, and meticulous attention to detail characterizes your choice of costume. You want to wow others at the party (and preferably go to a fancy costume ball!), but you also enjoy the process of putting together the costume and seeking out just the right props to go with it.

Storm Trooper, $899.99

Creature Reacher Midnight Howler, $329


Always Sexy

You like to be the trick and the treat! You see Halloween as an opportunity to flaunt your progress at the gym and turn a few heads at the same time. You like the idea of dressing up as a conventionally sexy character and will either invest in a skimpy costume or modify and alter a regular costume, so it fits better and shows off the bod.

Sparta Costume, $80

Sexy policemen, $50


Go Goofy

Your childish soul comes out at Halloween, and you opt for a silly costume option that will put smiles on people’s faces. A funny costume is also the perfect opening for some light-hearted conversation and a way to talk to a lot of individuals at the Halloween party.

Linguine, Sausage and Meatballs Costume, $33


Go Stealth

You love the fact that you can be masked during Halloween and people may not recognize you right away. Maybe it’s your inner superhero or undercover agent that wants out – or maybe you just like the feeling of not being constrained by your inhibitions while wearing a mask.

Black Panther Costume, $56


Last Minute

Sure, you enjoy Halloween, but it always catches you a little off guard, and you never think ahead and plan a costume months in advance – who has the time, right? But, you’re also not the guy who doesn’t partake in the fun, so you buy or borrow a fun wig last minute, do a quick rummage through your closet, and voilá: you’re a Swedish tennis player!

Wig, $5



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Excellent Resources for Costumes


Costumes Etc.- High-end to last-minute costumes for everyone!

2138 Faulkner Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324.


Gail K Fabrics Inc. – If you’re creative and want to sew everything yourself or need specialty materials.


Atlanta Costume Norcostco – High-end rentals and props for elaborate costumes

2089 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30324.


Psycho Sisters – Second-hand costume options and vintage fashion finds

428 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307.



Find the costumes on these pages online here:

Just because it’s ‘in’ doesn’t mean you should be in it. Suit up in the latest swimwear that also looks great on your body type.

By Mike Fleming

Slim_BodSlim Jim

Suits that hit just above the knee, and fit snug not baggy, balance proportions and keep legs from looking too long. When it comes to color and graphics, go for it, especially horizontal.

nauticalNautical Board Shorts



unspecified-3Indigo Dot Trunk




Banzai Trunk



Dad_BodDad Bod

Size matters. Avoid anything marked ‘tailored’ or ‘fitted’ or “slim,” look for relaxed fit and waistbands, and don’t squeeze into a size that used to fit but doesn’t anymore.

unspecified-2Chubbies Midshipman



unspecified-6Small-Patterned Swim Short


unspecified-2Jakarta Mid-length Swim Shorts




Fitness_BodFitness Fan

You work hard, so you can wear most colors and styles. Bare as you dare, and personalize it with any pattern or color from showy to subtle.

unspecified-1Bulldog Swim Shorts



unspecified-5Oarsman Trunk


unspecified-7Athletic Stripe Box Cut




Fat_BodMore to Love

Solids slim you down, and roomy is better than tight. Show some leg in mid-length and shorter cuts to lengthen your profile.

unspecified-1Beach Britches





unspecified-7The Earl

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