By Jack Cummins

MASSBRANDED is sexy streetwear that pushes boundaries on masculine sexuality by focusing on construction and fit and engineering styles that visually enhance the body.  They are statement pieces; perfect for occasions when standing out is essential – like at dance clubs, music festivals and on cruises. 

Their latest collection is “Fierce.”  Inspired by paratroopers and athletes on their pursuit of glory, the next generation in MASSBRANDED’s popular Mesh Series combines complimentary tops and bottoms that shine while showing off skin.  Designer Mass Luciano explains more.

Who is the MASSBRANDED man?

The MASSBRANDED man is individualistic.  He is confident and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.  He’s an extrovert and an exhibitionist who uses fashion to express himself.  We design sexy streetwear for men who want to dress casually without dressing down.

The collection is not available in stores or malls.  Is that to prevent guys walking in off the food court and buying the brand?

Not at all.  Selling online with our ‘direct to consumer’ approach allows us to have better price points without compromising the quality of our designs.  Through our website we are able to design styles that our customers love and not have to rely on buyers dictating the styles we make.

When did mesh become so cool again?   

Attitudes toward fashion are always changing, especially in menswear where dress codes are more relaxed than ever before with gender rules becoming more fluid.  All of a sudden, it’s okay for men to want to feel and look sexy and mesh is an approachable way to achieve that look in a more masculine way.  Mesh has always been around and will continue to be for its versatility.  It can be sporty and elegant, masculine and feminine, technical and functional. 

We also notice a ton of metal in the Fierce collection.  Is there a reason?

The Fierce capsule collection is inspired by athletes and their pursuit of glory, so we wanted gold and silver to represent trophies or medals.  We also love how the metallic print reflects light, making the wearer shine.

What’s the one piece in Fierce that guys can’t get anywhere else?

It’s hard to pick just one, especially since the Fierce collection looks great as a set.  The Fierce Sweatshirt features soft scuba bonded jersey panels that frame the chest and shoulders, visually enhancing the body for a muscular look.   The side zippers make this style easy to layer with your streetwear staples and looks amazing when worn with the matching Fierce Shorts.

What are your world-dominating goals for MASSBRANDED?

We’re still quite a small brand and produce our styles in small runs.  A lot of detail goes into our designs, which are made with high quality, unexpected materials and panelling.  The quality of our styles is what you would expect from a high-end label, something we are proud of.  Over the next few years, we hope to grow MASSBRANDED into a full lifestyle brand and expand into other categories like swimwear, activewear and accessories.