By Deven Green

You’ve been playing Felix Dubois on General Hospital since 2012! You were the first openly gay character on the soaps. How has your character evolved?
He’s definitely crossed into many other character’s story lines.  Inside, and outside of the hospital.   

How do you memorize those scripts so quickly?

It’s definitely been a process.  Melding formal study with getting behind the dialogue has helped a lot.  

What have you learned about nursing?

I’ve learned that they are some of the most important people in the field of medicine.  They put a caring face on a field that can sometimes be overwhelming for a patient.  

You are a creator. Not just of great characters on-screen but you actively build up people of colour online and in real life. What is your approach?

I guess my approach would be recognizing the humanity and gift that we all have and trying to share it.  I also like to promote charitable causes I believe in.  

You have a soulfulness that makes everyone feel like they are your friends. Who was your strongest friend/relationship/mentor?

My strongest mentors were my dad, grandmothers, and track coach in college.   More recently, the stage actors I started out with, and upon my arrival in LA, the late James Avery.  

You are all over film, TV, video games, web series and more. How do you find balance in your life?

Well the wonderful thing about being an actor, is that there will always be downtime. In that downtime I definitely find balance.  

You have a spot-on Morgan Freeman impersonation. It is staggering how great you are at it. How have you used this “special skill?”

Mostly trying to make friends laugh. Really that’s the main purpose of most of my “skills”.  🙂

What other characters are inside you just waiting to be filmed?

How much time do you have?  Seriously though, there’s quite a few folks waiting to step up to the mic (or lens). Here’s to getting them some quality time.  

What perspective can you offer us for 2021?

2021 is just a number.  These next 365 days will depend solely on two things; our perspective and our actions.

You are beloved by your online fans and friends and, of course, me!
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