Cooler months mean heartier, more poignant fragrances to bolder colognes that tantalize with notes of wood, leather, spices and oriental florals.

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

The change of seasons sparks a recalibration process for our sense of smell and taste. When temperatures drop, we don’t pick up quite the same subtleties and nuances as we do in summertime.

That means it’s time to switch your scent. Cue bigger, bolder colognes that tantalize us all the way through winter.

Exclusively Chanel

chanel-sycomoreWonderfully subtle woodiness, perfect for a crisp day in cashmere.

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore



A Pearl in the Rough

agonist-onyxCrisp, almost brash notes, deliciously rounded by musk.

Agonist Parfums Onyx Pearl



Dirty Kind of Clean

clean-for-men-black-leather-edt-100ml-1500x1500A diversion for this clean-cut brand suits your dark side.

Clean for Men Black Leather



Molecular Anniversary

molecule01-power-of-ten-limited-editionGeza Schön’s molecular fragrance still at the top of its game. More of a sensation than a scent. 

The Power of 10 Molecule 01



Fade to Black

comme-des-garcons-blackpepperBlack pepper first, then patchouli and musk – like your eyes adjusting to the dark.

Comme des garcons Blackpepper



New Prada Man

prada-lhommeLess masculine barriers, more sensual mix. Neroli and geranium.

Prada L’Homme



Suit Scent

tom-ford-noirElegant and refined with a sexy edge. Eau de toilette version keeps you from overdoing the bergamot and black pepper oil.

Tom Ford Noir (edt)



A Hidden Gem

ralph-lauren-oudCombines smoky woods and incense into a real men’s fragrance masterpiece.

Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection Oud