By Stefano Patton

Standing over six feet tall with a body tailored for Tom Ford suits, he’s a flagship kind of guy. If he were a tech gadget, he’d be glossy and pompous, and he’d get lots of airtime on television commercials and the web.

Although his perfect rear end, reminiscent of the Statue of David, says he could stand alone, he does not. Even he, with a sunrise smile and sculpted abs, needs a wingman, someone to compliment him.

His friend is 5’8’’ with a few crooked teeth, and his humor is a little off the cuff. Upon approach you’d like the friend to leave, but as conversation between the three of you transpires, you notice the friend is making Mister Perfect more interesting. Like a Robin to a Batman, technological marvels have sidekicks to amp up their already astonishing quality and experience.

More often than not, gadgets that protect and transport these flagship items do not get keynote speeches dedicated to them at the headquarters of billion dollar companies.

The products that we like and that potentially cut work time in half are often the accessories to flagship items. These accessories make us experience a more seamless transition, quickly making the thoughts reared in our heads a reality on a tablet or laptop.

Some accessories like headphones for musical devices aren’t really optional. We’ve got to have them. Items like styluses (for tablets) seem to be optional at the register or online checkout, but once customers begin to use them, they realize they cannot have one without the other.

Sometimes that handsome gentleman at the bar isn’t all that interesting without his wingman, and as a pursuer you’ll quickly learn, the stud and the wingman should not be sold separately.

Here are a few new sidekick items you may want to put on your list this fall:


Apple’s Smart Pencil


On the tips of everyone’s fingers come November will be Apple’s latest darling and showcase piece at September 2015’s Apple Keynote: the iPad Pro. Yes, the product itself is the new flagship product, and coming in at 12.9 inches diagonally, it has earned the moniker . . . flagship. However, it may be the Smart Pencil conceived in conjunction that makes the professionals’ experience using the iPad Pro extraordinary and efficient.

With 12 hours of battery life or 15 seconds of charge for 30 minutes of work usage, the Smart Pencil is engineered for long lasting precision. For personals in graphic design or architecture, the Smart Pencil allows for single pixilation configuration. Apple knows 8 hours flies by and time cannot be wasted. At $99 this accessory, which can be used with a finger simultaneously, is claimed to have a near perfect response time due to a subsystem feature that scans the signal at 240 times per second.


Bluesmart Luggage


The holidays bring travel and, unfortunately, for the career-driven gay man often the side that goes with your turkey is your laptop. On your way to grandma’s it is essential that the smart gadgets in your possession be protected. At nearly $400, it is small enough to be a carry-on (for frequent flyers), but it also possesses a GPS that allows for up-to-the-minute location of your possessions.

Belonging to a growing segment of the luggage market, Bluesmart is smart luggage (think smartphone) designed to update the standard polyester and zipper luggage of the past. Bluesmart features an app-controlled digital lock and two USB ports for charging smartphones, tablets and the like.


Imagine yourself briskly walking through the airport, smartphone in one hand texting your boss and earpiece in a single ear listening to your mother gab about your in-laws; you stop for a drink of water at a fountain, and as you resume your walk, you leave your bag. If the app on your phone alerting you to your mistake does not immediately get your attention do not worry, Uber will bring your lost Bluesmart luggage courtesy of the company.


Google Fiber


Many of Atlanta’s neighborhoods from Sandy Springs, Brookhaven and East Point are getting the Google treatment. Currently, Atlanta offers two major cable providers: AT&T UVerse and Comcast, but Google Fiber with three package options is coming to disrupt the monopoly these companies have.

Fiber in essence provides a more reliable connection than the copper infrastructures that the big two cable companies use. Fiber also allows for faster download. For those who need a strong business-like connection and speed, Google Fiber offers a 1gbps symmetrical connection.

Then there is the Cloud. With its two top packages (still affordable) Google supplies clients with 1TB of cloud storage space for Google Drive and its applicable apps. There is no definitive date on when Google Fiber will be in Atlanta communities, but those enticed can check and signup for alerts.