By Todd Davis and Robert Brown, edited by Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Whether you call it a suspended girandole, candelabra lamp, or simply a chandelier, the branched light fixture is one of the strongest design elements in a room that can define the era, intention, and even mood of the space.

As evidenced when many of our past projects are reprinted on blogs or articles, a chandelier in a room is its most vital design point, often referred to as the defining element or even the most evident “refresher” in a space. Attention is drawn immediately to the chandelier, which carries in it the defining power to set the intention, mood, and even era of a room – which is, almost by definition, the most illustrious objective of a chandelier!

It is often with this “chandelier first” mentality that many design projects take on a particular direction or style, even though the rest of the room doesn’t follow quite the same idea. A good example is installing a very contemporary modern light fixture in a room, and it will instantly and dramatically shift the attitude of a room even though other elements in the room aren’t as modern as the light fixture. It seems quite elementary, and perhaps it is, but the chandelier’s defining power is undeniable – and so it should be! So when freshening up a room, it could be as simple as changing that one important defining element that will shine a different light on everything else. On these pages, you will see a selection of our own projects, where the chandelier has played a defining role in one way another in making up the room.

Quadruple the Power

Four individual custom vintage lamps with glass-blown elements make up an impressively dramatic lighting feature that underscores this Miami Beach residence’s mid-century modern perfection.

Focal Point

The chandelier plays with contemporary and traditional elements and takes the natural center in this Miami residence room.

Floating Art

In a room defined by magnificent artwork, the chandelier lines up as a mesmerizing floating sculpture that plays with the reflections of the room – and it is actually from Rob’s own house!

Gathering Point

Connecting the kitchen and dining areas seamlessly, the chandelier juxtaposes the sleekness of the kitchen with a bit of glamor and sparkle. 

Original Inspiration

Sometimes it is the other way around, and we design around the chandelier – as we did with our design of the drawing-room at the British Embassy, where the inspiration for the whole room flowed from the exquisite, original chandeliers.