DEVEN GREEN is an award-winning comedic chanteuse performing at The Art House (Provincetown) Aug 7 & 8 – 2020 DevenGreen.

Dear Deven:
I have no more room for everything I am stockpiling.
Where do you put it all?

How much do we need of anything? As with all excesses try subtracting something so you have enough room for ease of motion and mind.

Dear Deven:
My online friends are jabbering fear and panic non-stop. How can I tell them to “mute” themselves?

If something doesn’t make YOUR day brighter why are you tuning in? If you are feeling sensitive then curate uplifting messages into your feed.

Dear Deven:
I’m bored. I’m bored. I’m bored.

Follow some structure. Create. Make something happen…anything. Sometimes it’s tough to live with others, sometimes it’s revealing living with yourself.

Dear Deven:
I read the news and feel beyond angry. I’m short with those around me. Tell me to stop.

It’s A LOT to deal with every single day. When you lash out that only makes YOU vulnerable. This is your chance to assess where the helplessness is really coming from.

Dear Deven:
Too much is going on, so much so, that I feel like I am almost missing chunks of life. True?

Life is changing all the time – it always will. That is the nature of life. But it is your choice whether you grow with the experience.

Dear Deven:
I’m confined. How do I become free?

Wherever you are you have to find gratitude in that present moment. Keep a cheery outlook on the future and be grateful it is awaiting you.

Dear Deven:
I just lost someone dear and am sorry I didn’t tell him I loved him. I have no question I just wanted to share that you should tell people, I love you.

When you feel you could have been sweeter, kinder, more thoughtful, or share your love please act on it because now is the time to do so. None of us have a specific expiration date so let’s not wait until it’s too late or the moment has passed.

Dear Deven:
Who am I really? Who is anyone?

Your actions are usually pretty self-defining. It’s not one thing that makes you, it’s the collective of your life. So, if you have a tough moment just know that in the full context it was just a fleeting event – the sum of you, is the sum of what you have built for yourself.

Dear Friends: I only offer my experience for your entertainment. Please stay safe and sane.