DEVEN GREEN is an award-winning comedy performer. You know her from the “Welcome To My Home” parodies, playing the satirical Betty Bowers – America’s Best Christian and performing as a human jukebox in brothels across America. Deven can say no with her eyes.

Dear Deven: I was told, “never work for free.” Do you believe that? – Sovereign”
NO. If you need to prove yourself and subsequent jobs are paying then offer one “complimentary” job. If you feel the credit or association by doing a free job is worth it, then do it. If you are always giving it away then it is just a hobby. Value yourself.

Dear Deven: I’m self-employed and feel obligated to say YES to everything so I don’t miss out on an opportunity? Is that right? – Scratch”
NO. If you are clear on who you are and what you do then it makes no sense to say YES to offers which have no meaning to you or you aren’t passionate about. As a goodwill gesture pass the offers you say NO to on to someone else who may say YES. You know, like your leftovers!

CMI_Survey_Digital_Male_300x250Dear Deven: I am successful in my field (finance) but I don’t love what I do…I think I am supposed to right? – Bank”
NO. Just because you are talented in a field doesn’t mean you have a passion for it. It’s either what you do or who you are.

Dear Deven: Do I have to spend money to make money? – Capital”
NO! Although you can pay me a consultation fee!

Dear Deven: There are so many people in the interior decoration field that I don’t know where I belong. It was suggested that I find another field.? If the market is super saturated, should try something else? – Loot”
NO! Find your niche and angle in your chosen field! Remember that every single person thinks that at some point in every single field. Yes there are challenges and competition so your real job is to create where you belong.

Dear Deven: I gave myself a one-year time limit for my business to start making money. It’s two years and I’m breaking even. Time to quit? – Tender”
NO. It’s time to put your time in. Keep at it. I want you to succeed and a big part of that is showing up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It’s not how long you have been at it, it is how committed you are to what you started.

Dear Deven: Are millennials taking up all the good jobs since the market is always youth oriented? – Bones”
NO! There will always be openings for those with talent, experience, and maturity.

Dear Deven: You always seem to have all the answers don’t you?! – Grand”
YES I do!

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Image: Franz Szony
Hair / Make Up: Joseph Adivari