DEVEN GREEN is an award-winning comedy performer. You know her from “Welcome To My Home” parodies, as the satirical Betty Bowers: America’s Best Christian, OCCmakeup ads, “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and performing live music shows in brothels across America.

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Dear Deven: I’m aging and not happy about it. – “Dorian Gray”
Then grow old youthfully.

Dear Deven: Why did I have such a hard time when I was younger with relationships and stuff? – “Hansel”
Because you allowed others the luxury of poor behavior. As we get older, we have less tolerance for “stuff” that doesn’t fulfill us.

Dear Deven: My folks are getting older. How do I apologize to them? I put them through a lot. – “Charlie”
Just say the words in any way, shape or form. You know, they put their parents through a lot, too. I admire you for needing to resolve this in your family. You are doing the right thing.

Dear Deven: I get tired quicker, can’t drink as much, have to watch what I eat and can’t stay out all night. What is a good activity for me? – “Tremayne”

Dear Deven: I suffer from baldness. – “Elmer”
Figure out how to give others pleasure from it.

Dear Deven: I’m getting more negative the older I get. I hate being like this. – “Waldorf”
I consider defeating thoughts an indulgent luxury. The positive energy that you carry with you is infectious. The more clarity you have in finding one nice thing will transfer to others. When you change your attitude, you will no longer use the word hate.

Dear Deven: I’m mad at myself because I keep forgetting where I left my phone. This is happening more often the older I get. Help! – “Rumpelstiltskin”
But you know you are forgetting it, so at least you are aware that you are forgetful! Keep your mind active by being curious enough to explore new experiences. This kind of learning will keep your mind high and tight.

Dear Deven: I want a tattoo. Is it too late? – “Popeye”
I think they close at 9p.m. No, it’s not too late. Careful about spur-of-the-moment ink though. You have lasted this long without one, so I suggest you create a temporary one first. If you still love it and want it after a month, then go for it.

Dear Deven: I’m afraid of my next act in life because I don’t know what it is. – “Merlin”
None of us do. There is no set manual for you. Everything you have done in your life has lead you up to this point. You are not starting over, you are moving forward with the knowledge that you have. How exciting!

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