By Mikkel Hyldebrandt


Photos: PR



Whether it’s because gay filmmaking has gone ’mainstream’ or because the quality of queer cinema is advancing gay films without being labeled as ‘different’ is hard to say. One thing is certain: some of the best films of 2017 were indeed gay-themed.


While not receiving the most media attention, these movie picks pioneered in each their own way to cast light on the gay experience in a completely non-condescending way. So, when you celebrate love this Valentine’s Day (or on any other given day!), and if you missed these in 2017, why not put on one of these picks on? Each of these superb films will no doubt provide you with the opportunity to learn a little bit more about yourself – and maybe about each other?


Dream Boat

The documentary about a gay pleasure cruise is a sensitive and surprisingly revelatory reflection on the gay male that discloses the innermost feelings and desires of its subjects. Abs.







The Ornithologist

Paul Hamy plays a scientist who embarks on a journey through a wilderness that turns surreal and metaphorical of his own erotic exploration and religious revelation.







Tom of Finland

The biopic about the gay erotica icon (played by Pekka Strang) tells the story of how Touko returns from war only to find himself struggling with his sexuality. Once stateside he realizes his sexual desire through his now iconic artwork.



The movie takes you on an emotional journey through the time of AIDS activism in ‘80s Paris. Both tragic and euphoric it displays fears, emotions, and politics at a particularly fragile time in gay history.



My Life as a Zucchini

The story of a boy’s self-awareness and innocence when it comes to being gay is the foundation for this wonderful animated film that is simply a must-see whether you like animation or not.







The Assignment

Michelle Rodriquez shines as the hit-woman formerly known as hit-man after a crazy scientist performs gender reassignment surgery on her. A thrill ride that also explores gender controversy.







Paris: 05:59: Theo & Hugo

A love story set in the PreP-era with a renewed consciousness and new take on emotional intimacy wonderfully portrayed by the two main characters.







God’s Own Country

A Yorkshire shepherd is on a destructive path until a Romanian immigrant enters his life to set him on a new path, but not without twists and turns.


A Quiet Passion

This sexually discreet biography of poet Emily Dickinson played by Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) connects to director Terence Davies’ own spirituality of his gay experience.


Staying Vertical

A casual fling, an unexpected pregnancy, and child challenge a gay man and the society around him to revise desires and wishes for the future intermixed with sexual identity.