By Michael Chisholm
Fall is the season of leather and jockstraps. Helmets and tight pants. Pigskins and jerseys.
That’s right, gentleman. It’s football season, and you want to throw a party celebrating your favorite team. Some gay men love football just as much as any other sports fans in Atlanta.
Here are a few pointers for your festive football fiesta. Whether it be the Super Bowl or an SEC game, you want to make this party memorable.

First, where are you going to hold this event? Is your place big enough to host all your buddies comfortably? If not, consider bribing another friend with a swankier place, perhaps with booze. Make sure there’s lots of sitting room and a large coffee table for in-between games and chatter.

This usually goes without saying, but the TV is the most important part of the football party experience. You want the screen to be large enough for all to see, and no matter how large it is, your guests will be on the edge of their seats for the experience. One that takes up the whole wall or even a projector is the dream, but if that isn’t possible, have the largest screen you can get with room for team decorations on the mantle or TV stand.

Next comes the question of who to invite. You want a mix of friends to fill the room. When the game really kicks off, you need your fellow enthusiasts. Your couch buddies who get into the game as much as you do need to be on the list, but you should also invite some not-so-sports-crazed fans. Why? You don’t have to enjoy football to appreciate a bunch of gorgeous guys chasing each other around a field. Just remind your friends that there will be booze and food, and you’ll have a full house.

At most football parties fans proudly wear jerseys and sneakers, but gay men know that presentation is important at any event, especially if you’re hosting. A full-on ensemble commemorating your favorite team is essential. Encourage your friends to dress up as well. Think semi-formal, cardigans, khakis, button ups, etc. Make sure the viewing area is a sea of support and opposition for the game.

Most football parties are known for beers and kegs, but we gay men actually prefer to taste what we drink, not just consume it and spill it on someone later. And if we’re going to drink empty calories, we’re going to make them count. Pinterest has loads of cocktail recipes themed for many different teams both NFL and SEC. For example, look for “The Bulldog” for the Dawgs, “The Alabama Yella Hamma” for Alabama, and “Auburn Blue & Orangeade” for The Tigers. There’s a drink for every fan . . . and hater.

As for food, chances are you aren’t the only one who knows how to cook in your circle of friends. Set out some cheese and crackers and football-themed snacks, but also encourage guests to bring their favorite dishes, preferably something easy to scoop or pick out of a bowl.

Finally, how about some games to add to the excitement for both your spirited and not-so-football-crazy crew? Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl or an SEC game, you could organize a drinking game and take wagers or have guests drink shots for guessing or not guessing what the next TV commercial will be. For a merrier crowd, you could even hold your own gay Fantasy Draft based on the hotness of the players. Maybe even create a game of who you’d like to tackle (or have tackle you)? Whatever games you choose, just make it fun and your guests will be asking when they can come to your next party.

Football season won’t be here much longer, so hosting a party is something you really want to do, you’d better get planning.

Stock up, drink up, and game on!