Top off your style with hot hair trends, from fresh takes on classics to the latest looks
By Mike Fleming

Your crowning glory goes everywhere your gay agenda takes you. You need a versatile look that takes you from conference rooms to backrooms to locker rooms, all while showing off your personal summer style.

The season offers new precision spins on Midtown’s gay Undercut, as well as expansions on the equally ubiquitous High-and-Tight. Whether you’re hair is curly, straight, thick or thinning, one of these summer styles is adaptable to top you just right.


Pomp & Fade
Gay guys have been rocking the Classic Undercut for a few years. This version takes “Long on Top” to new heights. If you have the hair for it, flaunt it. As much volume as you can handle tops the closely shorn fade and taper you’re used to. Learn to work a blow dryer and matte pomade when you have the time, or let it swoop and flop as the occasion calls.



BuzzedBuzzed Skin Fade
Great for guys with less to work with on top, but just as gorgeously butch on any man, this warm-weather look is a direct reaction to last year’s man buns and topknots. Bring it down to the skin around the sides and back, and try increasingly shorter clipper guards on top until you find your perfect length. Bolder iterations go Mohawk or Mussed on top.



SideHardSide Hard Part
Move over, Mad Men. Your television reign has ended, but your influence continues to take a new life of its own. These days, the timeless side-part often comes a little longer and sometimes even layered on either side of that shaved-in “hard part.” Rock it wet at the pool, slicked at the gala, or dry and pushed back at work.



ManeManaged Mane
As an antithesis to fades, here comes longer hair, but it’s still under control, off your face and neck for summer. Manage it with a dryer, stiff product and maybe an underneath shave to be bigger on top and tighter on the sides. Keep it on a tight leash at work and go full Jon Snow on weekends.



BraidsMan Braids
Just as the gay culture dial reaches full man-bun, runways and sidewalks are both seeing braids now. It may require a creative-industry workplace, but more adventurous men are doing rows, French braids and ponies. You can even add extensions to achieve the look.



Another adventurous summer trend expands on the hard part and fade. Limited only by your lifestyle and your stylist’s imagination, cut-ins can be simple lines or intricate flourishes. The commitment is relatively short, so if your boss can’t handle it, get one right before vacation and cut it back when you get home.